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DM-1300 ( Unidirectional Microphone )

  • DM-1300
  • TOA
  • Còn hàng
  • 50

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Unidirectional Microphone
  • Moving-coil microphone for hand-held,
  • vocal/speech use applications.
  • Rigid diecast zinc microphone body.
  • Switching and handling noise suppression.
  • Remote control function for activating amplifier power or chime unit.
  • 600 ohms impedance and -54dB sensitivity.
  • Phone plug cable terminal.
  • Short-off type slide ON/OFF switch.
  • Microphone holder provided as standard accessory.
Moving coil microphone (Dynamic microphone)
Rated Impedance
600 ohms, balanced
Rated Sensitivity (1kHz 0dB=1V/Pa)
Frequency Response
70 - 15,000Hz
Connection Cable
1-core shielded cable
Cable Length
Terminal of Cable
1/4" unbalanced phone plug
245g without connection cable
ø51 × 170mm
Talk Switch
Short-off type slide ON/OFF switch
Body; Zinc-diecast, Metalic gray/Head;
Aluminum-diecast and zinc plated steel wire, Metallic gray
Standard Accessory
Microphone holder (W5/16")